THIS SITE IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITH Alitalia S.p.A. - Italy's flagship air carrier.

We support the boycott of: Alitalia Airlines

Here's why: It doesn't pay to purchase Alitalia's cheap airline tickets

Here's why: Nobody wants to partner with Alitalia

Here's why we think: Alitalia will be out of business within 24 months

Here's how: Alitalia tried to steamroll a passenger whose luggage they lost

Here's what: Alitalia did to a passenger after he publicly criticized them - they sued the passenger in Federal Court!

Here's how: Alitalia gives up after Public Citizen steps in

Here's why: Alitalia Airlines Sucks and why any American can freely say it.

Boycott Alitalia: Alitalia has attacked our Free Speech rights

Remind Alitalia: That this is America, where every American has free speech rights even after Alitalia loses our luggage. 1-800-223-5730

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